Home Remodel Photos -An Illustration Of Hearth’s Works
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Lake Street Single Family Home

Lake Street Single Family Home

Hearth took over as general contractor of an historic home at 2345 Lake St that had been mishandled by the previous contractor. Lack of proper permits and theft were just two issues that caused my client to distrust everyone in the construction industry. We assembled a reliable crew and reputable subcontractors, preserved the integrity of this significant structure in the Lake Street district of San Francisco and completed the project on time, on budget and with a satisfied client.
Marina Mixed-Use Property

Marina Mixed-Use Property

Hearth converted a single-family house into a mixed-use residential/commercial dwelling, to realize our clients desire to turn the first floor into a place for his business meetings while residing on the second floor. The first floor was rough; we had to reinforce and water seal the foundation, to make the lower floor habitable. We also designed architectural details in the walls of the first floor to give the space the feel of a business environment. Upstairs, we made custom cabinets in the kitchen and installed high-end fixtures and appliances to freshen the residence and make it feel luxurious. Rather than install new flooring, we advised the homeowner to refinish and clear coat the redwood 2x4 sub-floor. It revealed a striking amber glow that embellishes this home’s unique character.
Blue Jeans Bar - Union Street Retail

Blue Jeans Bar – Union Street Retail

We were hired to re-design and renovate The Blues Jean Bar on Union St. in San Francisco. Our designer was able to create a realistic bar experience for shoppers buying jeans. Old doors and iron fences were repurposed to make a unique old wooden bar. Thick wood from an old dock made up the shelves from which the Jeans were displayed. We complemented the antique wood with contemporary lighting and flat screen TV’s which gives shoppers the experience of being in a vibrant pub. The design was so successful, Blues Jean Bars have popped up around the country.
Lake Tahoe Panoramic View Home  tahokitchtahobathtahostud

Lake Tahoe Panoramic View Home

We remodeled every inch of this panoramic lake view home in Tahoe, from its 100 year old reclaimed hickory floors and barn siding accents, to its custom alder wood trim around all the doors and windows. Each bathroom has its own architectural elements accented by natural stone and high end brushed nickel fixtures. The living room is oriented to look out on the home’s 280 degree view of Lake Tahoe and extended with a uniquely designed steel frame moment wall. This architectural centerpiece stands alone and distinguishes this lakeside cabin from all others. The chef’s kitchen was upgraded with stainless appliances, alder cabinets and honed granite countertops. All the little details make this home unique. We built an exterior shower, craned in a large hot tub, installed a steam shower, a wet bar, multiple rain head fixtures, a Jacuzzi tub, a wine fridge, and spectacular lighting elements which make the house dramatic and cozy.
Lake Street Remodel2125lake

Lake Street Remodel

This home from the turn of the century required historic preservation. Our builders at Hearth took great pride in restoring this entire house from the leaded glass windows to the beautiful gumwood trim - wood from a tree that is extinct. We increased the interior space with a light well fill-in. Ultimately the homeowners realized a profit, this house was bought for $1,600,000 and was sold after the remodel for $2,400,000.
Condo to Single Family Conversion in West Clay Park

Condo to Single Family Conversion in West Clay Park

This $1 million residential remodel project was bought for $2 million and sold for $3,995,000 with 480 square feet added. Due to a discrepancy in the tax records, Hearth was able to convert this three-unit TIC with a single-unit dwelling in the rear, to a single-family residence with a single unit dwelling in the rear within two years. This conversion significantly changed the comparable value of the property.