Hearth has established a track record of success in the construction and development of both residential and commercial real estate in San Francisco. We believe that we have a duty to enhance and maintain the beauty and history of the city that we live in. Our finished product stands up to the highest scrutiny and we do not rest until our client is satisfied.  What sets us apart from other contracting firms is our ability to problem solve through creative design and engineering and our ability to expedite the permit process. 

Our successful track record, our innovation, our relationships with our clients and our sustainable practices adds up to the most important asset of all: stability you can trust. Hearth embodies the vision and the expertise to continue charting a successful course. 

"...attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and commitment to timelines."

- Antje P, architect

SF Hearth & Sustainability

Hearth has taken great strides in doing what is necessary to minimize the impact we humans have on our environment. From major sustainable design strategies to responsible daily practices we utilize eco-friendly options when building to ensure a safe and healthy space for your loved one.  

Here are some examples of Hearth’s green building philosophy: 

  • Take care in site preparation and cleanup 
  • Reuse as much of an original dwelling as possible 
  • Promote the use of reclaimed materials with clients 
  • Recycle and reduce construction waste 
  • Install appliances that promote water conservation 
  • Use low E coatings for all windows 
  • Use recycled insulation 
  • Install energy efficient appliances and lighting 
  • Apply low-VOC paints and finishes 
  • Educate our clients to the use of alternative energies, such as solar power 
  • Design homes to provide passive solar heat through southern facing windows 
  • We minimize our noise pollution in our efforts to be sensitive to your neighbors 
  • Take small steps now to provide a cleaner, brighter future for our children

Peter Sheridan, CEO and General Contractor

Peter is both the business and creative engine behind Hearth.  He has run two previous successful construction companies and has a Bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College and a Masters degree in Fine Art from the San Francisco Art Institute. His higher education, years of tried field experience, tenacious self-motivation, curiosity for the most current technologies, meticulous nature, and emphasis on the bottom-line, provides him with the confidence to lead, dream big, coalesce the right talent, and bring our clients’ dreams to fruition.